Friday, November 26, 2010

In a new light

Image: from 2010, 5D Mk II, 16-35 f 2.8 IS L, 25 mm at f 11, 1.6 sec, -.7 ev.

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Image: from 2009, 5D Mk II, 16-35 f 2.8 IS L, 16 mm at f 11, 3 sec, -.7 ev.

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The Pergola at the Seattle Center, a great place to shoot, new much brighter lighting was installed over the last year some time, making for better contrast at this iconic Seattle location.

Strange though, I don't see a lot of people shoot here, the center has lots of options, but I seem to be drawn here, its great at sunset but dusk is the best time to shoot here, light from the setting sun lingers while the Pergola is light up by its own lighting.

This time I wanted to incorporate the space needle and not shoot as wide as the last time, I didn't get the clouds but the new lighting helped out with the contrast.

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  1. Excellent compositions of these structures. I have stood there too, but your choice of sky and compositions is really wonderful.

  2. Thanks Bob, I was trying to get an image that showed them from a different angle and the first time the clouds really helped with the composition, I like both but the first shot with the clouds I really like.


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