About Me

Ross Murphy
Bay Area Photographer:

I grew up in the Pacific North West, hiking the trails of the Cascade and Olympic mountains, my love of the outdoors led me to places like Central and South America, Africa and Europe. Photography became a passion for me somewhere along the line and now its my pleasure to share the images I capture of near and far flung places with those that don't have the time or opportunity to see them for themselves. If you have questions on photography or any of the places I travel to, feel free to ask, I enjoy passing on my knowledge to others.

Update: I now do Camera Field testing for Lab126 in The Bay Area, I still like my travel and hiking and getting up in the mountains. The Bay area gives me a lot of new opportunities for imaging from the Sierra Nevada to Big Sur, San Francisco and beyond.

I am available for freelance work and workshops, please visit my learning page for contact information here