This photo was taken with a Canon A2E and a 70-200 f2.8 in Serengeti NP
Inspiration:One of the things photographers some times have trouble with, finding that image that's new and inspiring, maybe we have taken things for granted or found ourselves in a rut, after all I have shot everything within a hundred miles of where I live, right ? Well, some times exploring the world on the WWW can re-inspire us to see something new just around the corner. I live in a place that many consider one of the best in the country for landscape photography and yet often find myself wondering where should I go shoot this weekend. I have been to Mt Rainier countless times, I find I often gravitate to the standard places, which is fine if you can find a new way of seeing that place, most often though its best to find a place you have never been to or a place you may not have had luck with before. Creating your own iconic image may seem hard and it is, especially in this age of digital information, you can find photos of almost every nook and cranny of Mt Rainier on the web these days, but try finding an image that has meaning, emotion and passion.
A great place to find inspiration can be found at the UNESCO world heritage web site here The 878 world heritage sites listed 'currently' would take an army of photographers a lifetime to document and many more life times to document images that evoke and inspire emotions that stir the soul and tell that places story in images. Many of these places listed are just around the corner from some of us, yet we seem to take them for granted. I feel I have been very lucky to have visited more than 40 of these sites, most with out a camera or before I became impassioned to document them in a way that tells there story in an image. I would love to one day say "I have visited all these places", that may be unrealistic but hey, I can try. One place I would love to visit again is the old city of Segovia in central Spain, what a magnificent city, with it's Roman aqueduct, ancient cathedral and the fortress of Alcazar, its narrow streets and many other historic buildings. If only I could transport myself there this instant the very thought of the images I could take makes me want to drool.
Writing this has given me the inspiration I need and I hope it inspires others to get out and travel and visit some of these incredible places and return with there own inspiring images.
Ross Murphy, Images In Light