Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creating Lightroom Presets

Creating presets in Lightroom is very easy, I have seen people selling them and I hate to see people paying for something that is so simple.

While in the develop module, start by creating a folder, select somewhere inside the presets menu on the upper left  as shown and select new folder.

click image to see bigger

Name that new folder and hit enter, you now have a location to put your presets, think about what you want to call it, you can click on it and delete it if you need to and start over.

click image to see bigger

Now go in and make adjustments to an image that you would like your presets to match up to, things like tone curve, colors, sharpening, etc., once your satisfied select the "+" symbol to the right of "Presets" in the upper right as shown and give your preset a name, from the pull down menu select the folder you created earlier, every thing you did to that image is now saved in that preset in that folder for you to apply to future images.

One for color: click image to see bigger

One for Black and White: click image to see bigger

As simple as that, this is especially useful for Fuji X users that want to get that out of camera look. Make as many as you need, they are easy to create and delete.


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