Thursday, January 22, 2015

iPhone 6, or the camera you have with you.

 Shanghai, iPhone 6

 Tumwater Canyon, iPhone 6

 Lake Wenatchee, iPhone 6

 747-400 to Shanghai, iPhone 6

I am pretty amazed at the improvements made in iPhone 6, image stabilization, sharpness, micro-contrast, you name it, its improved. It is now to the point I no longer have a need for a pocket camera, it has replaced my PDA, my calculator, my pocket cam, whats next?

The biggest improvement is the algorithms used in the local tone mapping, allowing for much better exposures across all image types.

If all you have is a phone camera, most modern ones will take decent pictures, if your an IOS fan, well, you can't get any better at the moment. Keeping it to 8mp was a smart move, the bigger the pixels the better the image quality that can be achieved.

Zoom is really all we are missing, but the FOV in the iPhone 6 is very good for most purposes, a break through in lens technology is needed next, so we can get some type of zoom in a phone without increasing the size.

Its now the camera I have with me all the time, I've been waiting a while for that.


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