Wednesday, June 24, 2015

5DS/R Info and samples from around the web


The 5DS and 5DSR are now available and people are starting to report on it from around the world.

I will start linking to them here so I have a place to refer to.

Is Medium format in trouble? probably, unless they find a way to improve and innovate faster than, Sony, Canon and Nikon are all moving quickly to high resolution sensors with Nikon at 36mp and Sony at 42mp . Even fashion photographers are going to have a hard time justifying more than 50MP cameras, I certainly will not need more than that.

At  300dpi, 8688 x 5792 will give output prints from this camera at 19 x 29 without up-scaling, so minor up-scaling will give 24 x 36 easy and prints to 60 inches should be possible.

  • Imaging Resource, comprehensive review here
  • Chris Giles wedding photographer here
  • Photography Blog here
  • The Phoblographer here
  • Glenn Bartley bird photography here
  • DPReview studio scenes here
  • DPReview 5DS samples galley here
  • Fashion at Photography Blog here
  • 5DS at The Digital Picture review here 5DSR here
  • recommended lenses via Canon at The Digital Picture here
  • Martin Bailey here 
  • DxO here take with a grain of salt, there is more to the equation. Then read this here


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