Friday, February 3, 2017

Fuji X-T2, Color? or black and white?


Fuji X-T2, XF 23 f/1.4 R, 1/850 sec, f/8


Fuji X-T2, XF 23 f/1.4 R, 1/850 sec, f/8

Sometimes its just hard to decide with an image, was this meant to be black and white or color? The color image was adjusted manually in Lightroom and the  black and white was adjusted manually in Lightroom, with ACROS+G on top of it. I like both renditions, Fuji colors are great, however, I think I still prefer the black and white though.

Its nice that it does both well, dynamic range plays a big roll in this, but I believe the Fuji X-Trans array helps with the rendition and how fine detail is rendered, some people don't like it. I think it adds a uniqueness that can't quit be had with other sensors. It does have its drawbacks, one appears to be GrGb mismatch, that causes some unusual noise. Fuji's software overcomes this noise issue, but with Lightroom it requires a little finesse, do not over sharpen! and use caution with noise reduction. For the most part it will not affect your images if you know what your looking for.


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