Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adjusting White Balance

 Image: 5D Mk III, EF 24-70 f/2.8, 44mm at f/9, 30 sec
Global adjustment to 9107K

Original White Balance of 5950K, camera set to auto white balance

Global adjustment to 9107K local adjustment in Lightroom to sky of -28

I'm always pushing the merits of shooting RAW and white balance is a another reason to do so, the temperature of color is basically a layman's description and it can really only be adjusted in RAW. Light varies in temperature from cool to warm , an example would be LED light, compared to tungsten or midday sun to sunset, some times a camera can get fooled and that happens a lot with mixed light, similar to the above images that have the remaining light from the sun and the light from the bulbs on the pier.

A lot of cameras don't do well with indoor lighting and often have to be adjusted for white balance, our homes and offices are a mix of different light types and cameras get fooled more often than not in these situations. Shooting RAW and adjusting in post is the best way to get the right color from your system.


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