Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lytro Illum

Lytro announce a new version of their Light field camera, with a 30-250mm f/2 lens, that's right f/2, the technology is very interesting, but their last camera and sensor proved only a gimmick from a photographic standpoint, this may change that, they look like they may have something on their hands this time around.

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From the Lytro site:

Product Features


Capture a deeper picture.

LYTRO ILLUM’s 40 Megaray customized sensor, with Lytro’s patented microlens array technology, unlocks the ability to capture the color, intensity and direction of the light rays flowing into the camera. This allows you to create imagery on a truly experiential canvas. By capturing and harnessing the power of light field, photographers can portray not just a cross-section of reality, but an authentic, interactive window into their world.

  • Custom-designed 40-megaray light field sensor
  • 8x optical zoom lens (30mm-250mm equivalent)
  • Constant f/2.0 aperture across the entire zoom range
  • 1/4000 of a second high-speed shutter
  • Extreme close-focus macro capability
  • Combination of tactile-controls and smartphone-class, articulating touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 86mm x 145mm x 166mm; 940 grams
  • Hot shoe supports all leading flashes

It needs to be ergonomic and fill a niche, or carve out a place of its own with something beyond mini video, which is what it appeared to be before.

I did not see a place that it would be useful before, lets see if they are bringing more of a game changer this time around.

Pre-order at Lytro for $1,500 20% off with Pre-order

Lytro's site


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