Friday, January 6, 2017

Fuji Landscapes

Images In Light: Latest Work &emdash; Salish Dreams

Salish Dreams
Fuji X-T2, XF 56 f/1.2, 1/210 sec, f/2.2, ISO 200, hand held.

I got the Fuji X-T2 as a 2nd camera for events and travel, but I'm keen to try it out on my favorite subject, landscapes. In the past I have used Fuji x-cameras for landscapes, but there has never been enough resolution. Now with 24mp, I should have plenty.  

The Black and White images I get from Fuji cameras are especially nice, and I'm looking forward to doing a lot of landscapes in this style. The X-T2 also gives me the ability to shoot low to the ground with the tilting LCD. The combination of this with the high quality Fujinon lenses, great Black and White files and the 24mp sensor should produce some fantastic images.

Another plus for the Fuji system is its auto ISO settings, I don't fear bumping my ISO up, its nice to not worry about ISO. While on a tripod, I'll still shoot at ISO 200, but I have no problem shooting Black and White landscapes at ISO 800.

Fuji X-T2, XF 56 f/1.2, 1/680 sec, f/2.5, ISO 200, hand held.

Of course I do love Fuji colors too : )


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