Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Iconic Patagonia
Mt Fitzroy,
Torres Del Paine,

Just some of the iconic names that come to mind from the southern tip of South America, Chile and Argentina's wonder land of ice and stone. Maybe the worlds greatest place to shoot landscapes of mountains, glaciers and exotic wildlife. I am looking for some intrepid souls, interested in traveling to this incredible place, when its winter up here in Seattle its summer in Patagonia, if I can find the people to go I will set up the photographic trip of a life time, whether you are a beginner or an expert, the means and the will to do a trip like this is what I'm looking for. Just so you know I am well traveled and have been to Central and South America, Africa and Europe, so I know what it takes to set this up and I know the basic locations to shoot, from Laguna Torre and Pehoe, to Los Glaciers NP, this trip will include hiking so you must be in good physical condition (not to extensive), this may be my first trip to Patagonia, but it wont be my last.

If interested, let me know via e-mail or this post.

Ross Murphy Images In Light

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