Thursday, September 3, 2009

MFT or M4/3 = Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Top image: sensor sizes of various digital cameras
Bottom image: 2 recent examples of MFT cameras
The Micro four thirds standard, a derivative of the Four Thirds system, was set up by Panasonic (Lumix) and Olympus, its similar in size to the APS-C system used by most of the other camera makers (see above chart), lenses and most accessories will be interchangeable between the companies :) what is most unique about this system is its small size for a DSLR but they have no mirror, the LCD is used to view or an electronic view finder, beyond the size advantage of the system is image quality, compared to digital point and shoots, as you can see above, the sensor of the MFT is much larger than the typical point and shoot of 1/2.5 - 1/1.7 , this allows for much better image quality and at the same time allowing a much smaller form factor. (for details see white paper) This is a camera for those that want to travel light and still come back with good image quality, if used right these will give fantastic photos, if used wrong, like any camera, you will be disappointed. I think this system holds real promise and I would like to give it a try and see if its something I would hold on to and use. Currently there are 4 cameras to choose from in this size sensor. the EP-1, G1, GH1 and the new GF1, the later being what I would like to try, another interesting aspect is you can get adapters for almost any lens, so you could mount a Canon 300mm f4 IS L and have the field of view of a 600mm f4. You can also put some serious Leica glass on these cameras with the adapters or without.
See some upcoming lenses here at a Japanese site DC Watch.
Finally something new for us gear heads :)

Micro Four Thirds standard White Paper

Ross Murphy

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