Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More About Panoramas

Image: crop from image just below this. click image to view larger.

Image 5D Mk II 70-200 f4 IS L, 5 Shot panorama. click image to view larger.

Image 5D Mk II 70-200 f4 IS L, 2 Shot panorama.

Larger Image

Here is a good reason not to shoot panoramas to wide, if you plan on framing the top, 5 shot panorama, it would cost a fortune at 17" x 62" which is where you would need to be to have a decent height where the lower 2 shot panorama could be printed at a much more manageable size of 17" x 31", it is also much better for viewing on line, I try to max my horizontal panoramas to 3 shots with overlaps. Now if I do portrait mode panoramas I will do a minimum of 3 to 5 shots and preferably 7 seems to be about right in portrait mode and I would have done it here but the water was to rough and there was no reflection to speak of. Shot on a Gitzo 3530s tripod with a BH-1 ball head, stitched in CS4. The big one is fun to view on 2, 20" monitors though I must admit, the detail is pretty amazing. Glass size also comes in to play, limiting my images to about 42" in length, without inducing massive extra cost.

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  1. Nice time of night on those. The blue of the sky is almost the same blue of the water (on this laptops monitor anyway). Makes it look like the city is floating. How do you like the Gitzo tripods in general? That is another thing I am saving up for (I have a few hundred dollar tripod and head right now).

  2. Just a follow up on my tripod, I have the Manfrotto 190XPROB3, a 3 section aluminum tripod with the Manfrotto 486RC2 ball head. I like them but the height is a real problem. Even with the center column extended, which I never do, I still have to bend over to look through the camera. Also, it doesn't take too much of a breeze to blow any chance at a sharp landscape.

    I am an aperture user and don't have photoshop. But, it turns out my canon software will do panos for me, some free software that is on my mac anyway. Not sure how good a job it does but you got me motivated to go try.

    You also mention printing panos. Any reccomendation for where to do that that won't keep me from saving for my Mark II? :-)

  3. Those panoramas are great!! I have tried shooting panoramas a couple of times, but they never work out when I try and stitch them together. From what you are saying, it sounds like the fewer the shots the easier it is.

  4. I may have deleted a post by accident, sorry if I did that to some one. Greg the Gitzo tripod is amazing, I need to bend over a little to look through the view finder, but I wanted only one tripod and it had to be small and firm. Kenmore camera is not bad for printing, they are inexpensive, but I ended up buying my own printer because I knew I could get much better prints. Arc soft makes a very good Pano Software, take a look:

    fewer shots is easier but not always better.


  5. PS, make sure to use exposure lock on panoramas, or expose on the exact same item and recompose


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