Saturday, August 29, 2009

Canon 7D APS-C and a fast 8 frames per Second.

New Canon EOS 7D
Dual DiGiC 4, 14bit
8fps, 94 large fine jpegs or 15 RAWs
19 points cross type AF sensor. Center AF point uses cross plus X type AF sensor
ISO 100-6400, extend to 12800
100% coverage, 1.0x opitcal viewfinder with smart information display.
3.0‘ LCD, 920,000 dot
New iFCL metering system, brightness and color
150,000 shutter life cycle
internal e-ttl flash control

Could be interesting, but I will have to see how they handle image quality with 18mp on an APS-C camera, also a trio of lenes including an EF 100 f2.8 IS L Macro with a pair of EF-S zooms.
The Pro type auto focus sure looks nice, birders and sports photog's will love this one. Basically it looks like a Pro Crop camera with some interesting new features including: electronic level, color metering, duel processor, %100 view finder and more. Fully sealed ? sounds like it.
Diffraction Limit f/6.8
Crop 1.6x
Pixel size 4.3µm
Image size 5184 x 3456
Info Video at Canon
See it at Canon Canon 7D

Down load the manual here
Buy it Here at B and H.
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  1. I hate it. I was saving up to upgrade my 450D to 5D, now what do I do? :-) Nice to have choices I guess. Problem is I want to do some flash work and the new 7D has a built in slave controller, 5D doesn't. Full frame sure is nice though huh.

  2. Greg you will get better image quality with a 5D and the ST-E2 flash controller. 7D is for sports and wildlife. Don't get caught up in the must upgrade crowd.

  3. yeah, I think you are right. I like landscape, no sports or anything. Plus, I got to thinking, if the 7D becomes really popular, the demand for the 5D2 will finally go down a bit and perhaps I will save a buck or two.

    Happy shooting,


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