Sunday, August 2, 2009

Star Burst

Image: Mt Shuksan Sunrise, 5D Mk II, 16-35 f2.8 L II, f22,1/6 s, -1.7 ev. 3 stop GND soft.

Image: Mt Shuksan Sunrise, 5D Mk II, 16-35 f2.8 L II, f16,1/8 s, -1.0 ev. 3 stop GND soft.

Larger Image

F22 vs F16, tell me which you like better.

I had a chance to try out an EF 16-35 F2.8 L II this morning, so far its looks pretty good, one thing about shooting this type of lens that is a plus for landscape photographers is the round lens diaphragm you only get this on top of the line lenses, you need more blades in the diaphragm to create the round hole for shooting wide open, however when you stop down you have more intersections of the blades, this allows, when stopped down to f 22, the ability to add nice looking star burst's when including the sun in your image. Also allowing very nice bokeh at large apertures.

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  1. Beautiful. This wouldn't be HDR, would it?

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  3. Lee, no HDR, I have not found a big need for it, if you know how to expose a scene and have the right tools, HDR is not needed. Maybe blending two shots I could see, but no blend here either, the GND filter does the job just fine.
    Regards, Ross

  4. You've got some great photos here on your blog! I just started into photography last year so I only have an XSi and a couple kit lenses. For this post I think I like the f22 photo. Nice blog! I'll be back!


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