Thursday, September 6, 2012

New X camera

New X camera, now this one I Like.

For the latest in Fuji news visit Fujifilm X Cameras here

Fujinon Lenses are sweet, like the new XF14 f2.8  and the XF18-55 f2.8-4.0 OIS, the XF35 f1.4 is an exceptionally sharp piece of glass, Fuji has been producing lenses for Hasselblad for a long time, so you know they can design good glass.

Fuji Site

 If Fuji has solved the slow focus issues of the earlier X cameras (and they say they have) then this is going to be the first real ILC camera that takes exceptionally nice images and performs well.

The X-E1's 16MP-X-Trans-APS-C sensor is the one to buy in a none full frame camera, priced at around $1000, the X-E1 is not cheap, I'm guessing Fuji have a real winner here and my pocket book is going to be worse off for it.

Fuji out of camera jpg's cant be beat by any company out there, the sensors they produce and the in camera processing has a quality about them that has to be seen, would be nice to not have to shoot in RAW !  skin tones and very delicate features are more accurately reproduced.


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