Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Logan Pass to Granite Park

Logan Pass to Granite Park, see map, 7.6 miles one way. The beginning of our trek in Glacier.

There is a reason why they call the first part of the trail the Garden Wall, if you hit it right, flowers will surround you for a good portion of the hike, even though you are pretty much on solid rock the whole time, they find a way to grow.

Image: 5D Mk III, 70-200 f4 L IS, 1/320 sec at f5.6
Larger Image

Goats are very common along this trail, especially early morning
while the trail is still in the shadow of the garden wall.

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Bear grass is plentiful and a constant companion in late July.

Image: 5D Mk III, 70-200 f4 L IS, 1/1250 sec at f6.3
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Some new flowers to me.

 Image: 5D Mk III, 70-200 f4 L IS, 1/100 sec at f/4.5

The trail grew hot as the day progressed, looking back towards Logan Pass.

Image: 5D Mk III, 70-200 f4 L IS, 1/50 sec at f/11

Granite Park Chalet and a look back along the Garden Wall, no food in the tents here!

 Image: 5D Mk III, EF 24-105 f4L IS f4 L IS, 1/40 sec at f/11


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