Friday, September 21, 2012

The Enchantments

perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever seen.........

 Prusik Peak and Gnome Tarn

 Goat at Inspiration lake

Upper Enchantments
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Prusik Peak and The Temple
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With names like Jabberwocky Tower, Dragon Tail, Little Annapurna, The Witches Tower, Leprachaun Lake, Gnome Tarn and Aasgard Pass, it conjures up images of JRR Tolkien's books, The Lord of the Rings and it in deed looks like a place right out of those books.

I have visited a few places around the world, whether they where tropical or alpine or something in between, this place ranks at the top for pure beauty, I think this is Mother Nature's finest piece of work.

In trying to describe this place, one would imagine themselves being dropped on an alien planet similar to ours, yet with things a tad different, yet untouched by anything unnatural.


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