Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5D Mk III/EF100 f2.8L IS

5D Mk III, 100 f2.8L IS, f2.8, 1/250 sec at ISO 100, crop.

Crop of above image

5D Mk III, 100 f2.8L IS, f2.8, 1/800 sec at ISO 100, crop.


I don't  review gear, but when something comes along that works like sliced bread, well.......

the combination of the 5D Mk III and the EF 100 f2.8L IS just works and works well, the image stabilization is incredible, the AF speed and accuracy phenomenal, fantastic bokeh and great color rendition, this lens will have to get pried off the Mk III.

The 5D Mk III is an all around improvement from the MK II, Canon have a fine camera that has the most advanced auto focus system in a DSLR, excepting the 1Dx which has improved color RGB tracking. See the on line guide book for the 5D/1D auto focus.

If you only shoot landscape is it still worth it ? I think so, no one really only shoots landscapes, I photograph friends and family, my dog Ducky, along with airplanes and wildlife, so do I need it?...

no, do I want it, yes. Did I get it? absolutely !

oh and being able to shoot in the dark at f2.8 and ISO 12,800 is incredible, usable images at that ISO.


PS for those of you that don't like to shoot RAW ?  this is the camera for you, the jpg's out of camera are excellent. 

Images In Light

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vertical Panning

A slight upward motion of the camera along with a narrow aperture (to attain a longer shutter speed) is all that was done to attain this look, a slight curves adjustment in CS5 for contrast.

The red bark of the Ponderosa pine along with the surrounding green of the forest made for nice contrast and color.