Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The future of Light

Very interesting concept, that I am very excited about. Light is thinking outside the (DSLR) box. Is this the future of photography? Its interesting to consider, in order to get around a zoom lens, add cameras with varying fields of view. In my business I see a lot of new camera technology and there have been rumblings of multiple camera modules as a way of getting around zoom lenses, also for other reasons.......

I think we will see this technology soon in camera phones, maybe even the next iPhone or Samsung device. The technology has started to mature and calibration of these separate camera modules can now be done very accurately. I see this as very viable. I hope to test this one next year when its available.

This could easily replace small portable zoom cameras and if mature enough, small DSLR and ILC (mirrorless) cameras.

Light here

Fstoppers here

DPReview here


Images In Light

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