Saturday, June 13, 2009

Landscapes in Motion

Image: Mukilteo Ferry, 5D, 24-105 f4 IS L, Variable Neutral Density Filter f11, 15 sec.
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Image: Ecola Beach 40D, 24-105 f4 IS L, Variable Neutral Density Filter, f11, 30 sec.
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Implied motion:
Adding the feeling of motion to an image can be an interesting way of presenting your interpretation of the scene and sometimes gives pretty wild results. Make sure you have a fixed object of interest in the image and shoot a long exposure, don't worry to much about sharpness but be sure to use a tripod and a filter that allows for a longer exposure, get creative this can be done with many things, from flowers in a field to airplanes departing an airport.

Ross Murphy Images In Light


  1. I really like that Mukilteo Ferry one. Again I am drawn to the color and composition. I really enjoy the way the sky breaks up on the left there.

    I notice you shot that with your 5D, is that an old photo? I hope nothing happened to your new 5D Mark II.

  2. Greg, The ferry shot was from last year.

  3. Oh my! Look how the eye can be fooled. I just now noticed that the white part on the left is not the cloud cover breaking up but a ferry in motion! :-) I love it when photos do that. Now I can't see it the way I saw it before. A photo twice discovered.


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