Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crop Power with the 5D Mk II

Who needs a crop camera when you can get perfectly good shots and crop them later, the top image was taken with a 5D Mk II and an EF 300 F4 IS L in Costa Rica last March, the bottom image was a 100% crop at 2808 x 1872 or approximately a 5.2 mp image that will print at 12 x 18 when carefully up scaled, both have been down scaled here to 800 x 533 for web viewing. Well a 50D would have probably come away with a better image as far as pixels on the bird, however this was taken at ISO 1250 and no noise reduction was used in camera or PP. DPP was used for post production, it was shot at such a high ISO because it was cloudy and raining, the 50D would have a hard time doing that and coming away with an image this clean. I would like to have a 1.3 crop camera like the 1D Mk III but more mega pixels and better noise levels than the 5D Mk II and we may see that very soon.

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