Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eastern Washington

From Steptoe Butte

Eastern Washington wheat field

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The Palouse

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The Eastern side of Washington state is a completely different environment from the West, mostly flat and arid, hot and dry. Where its been irrigated it changes over the course of the summer, from Wheat fields to Turnips, Potatoes and Asparagus, slowly the landscape changes.

The area known as the Palouse in the southeast corner of the state, where Washington meets Oregon and Idaho is widely regarded as a great place for photographers to shoot, not a lot of tourism so your free to pull over anywhere and pull out a tripod and plant it next to a farmers field. Now is a great time to capture the contrasting fields of freshly planted produce and just turned and seeded fields of a different crop.

Also a refreshing change from the rain of Seattle, which has been abnormally bad this year.


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