Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sony A7 and A7R a new era in SLR photography?

The new Sony A7R and A7 cameras where announced today, ushering in a new era in SLR photography ?

This could change things, this is the camera I wanted Canon to make, this is what could sway me to buy, this is what we wanted Fuji to do, but really only Sony had the muscle to make, for now.

But wait Sony doesn't have the lenses right ?

Wrong, today Sony also announces: The 55 1.8 Zeiss Lens,The 35 2.8 Zeiss Lens, 24-70mm F4 Carl Zeiss OSS, 70-200mm F4 Sony G OSS

So we will see how this camera performs, but on spec the A7R looks to be the one I want and if it performs I will certainly get. A brand new full frame 36mp sensor in a camera, that fits in the palm of your hand and with these new lenses, well like I said, if it performs.......

Also with adapters, you will be able to mount almost any lens to this camera, including Zeiss and Leica. The Metabonse adapter will allow full AF and metering with your Canon and Nikon Lenses.

Sony has done a job on Canon and Nikon from the looks of it. This is no surprise, the only surprise here is, Sony took so long to bring a 36mp sensor to market.

This also brings into question, what is M4/3's good for, this camera is not much bigger than the new Olympus OM-D E-M1, which is the M4/3's flagship camera, granted its half the price, but still the argument of size is no longer as valid as it was.

Only one thing missing here so far and that is, in camera stabilization. Knowing Sony though, the image quality in this camera will be the best, as of today.

Pre order it here 

As usual Michael Reichmann has a good assessment of the camera over at The Luminous Landscape here

See a preview at DPR here


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