Saturday, March 14, 2009

Costa Rica and Aviarios Del Caribe

Picture: Two Fingered Sloth young, taken with 5D2 and 24-105 f4 L, ISO 3200 f7.1, 105mm.
El Perezoso or as we know them in English The Sloth:

One of my favorite places to visit when in Cost Rica is the Sloth sanctuary, run by Luis and Judy,
it is located on the Caribbean side just north of Cahuita National Park about a 3 1\2 hour drive from the Capital of San Jose. They have a small hotel here that is a nice place to stay, they conduct educational tours of there facility and also run birding tours on their extensive property. If you need some where to stay on the way south, I highly recommend it. They rescue orphaned and injured Sloth and rehabilitate them and release them back to the wild when possible, when we where there a couple of weeks ago they had about thirty Sloth, ranging in age from new born to adult, including both species, the Two fingered and the Three fingered. These animals are incredible and a joy to see up close, especially the young, they have a very alien appearance and are probably the most good natured of all wild animal's. They can be seen in the wild through out most of Costa Rica, including nearby Cahuita N.P. (watch out, the White Face Capuchins may steal your food) which is a must see when in the area.
Puerto Viejo is the last major stop on the way south past Cahuita and the beaches at Manzanillo are to die for, with lots of interesting and eclectic jungle lodges and hotels to stay in. One I can highly recommend in Cahuita is Coral Hill Bungalows. Be sure to stop in Manzanillo and eat at Maxi's (pic) or play a game of soccer with Ricky (the owner of Maxi's) and the gang on the beach out front, they play every night, your sure to have a good time.

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