Monday, November 4, 2013

Nikon Df - Retro Full frame

The new Nikon Df 

very retro in its design

 with a real optical view finder

oh, I want one of these

Another retro design? yes and this could very well be my first Nikon camera, this reminds me of my old Pentax ME from the film days. I hope that Nikon has tamed their menu system, a no distraction camera would be my dream, just the basics of a film camera with a digital back and superb image quality is what I think a lot of photographers want.

This is the kind of camera you use with fast primes, no giant zooms, save those for your D800E and put a 50 f/1.8 or a 135 f/2 on this and you will  enjoy the photographic experience.

Same sensor as D4, same focus as D610, $2750.00 body only. $2995.00 w/50mm f/1.8.

order the body here

order the kit here

Nikon here

Specs here

DPreview first impressions here

more soon.......


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