Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cambridge, England

St Johns College
Corpus Christi College
Corpus Christi College

Kings Collage Wide
Kings College
St Johns College

Cambridge University

Cambridge, UK. An interesting and scholarly town, on a recent business trip I had the opportunity to wonder around the streets and take in some of the sights. Known for its famous university, which is made up of various colleges. It was founded in 1209 and is the second oldest university in the English speaking world, see more here at Wiki.

One of my favorite subjects to shoot is ancient architecture, Cambridge has plenty of opportunities. Taking self guided tours of the various colleges is a great way to see Cambridge.

Located a few hours NE of London, it is also home to the famous Duxford Imperial War Museum, a truly impressive collection of aircraft from around the world. Duxford also host's one of the biggest WWII air shows in the world.

Memphis Belle
Memphis Belle

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